Why Ergonomic Chairs?

Health experts agree that ergonomics at work is a subject that deserves attention.  One reason for this is that  improving ergonomics such as with ergonomic furniture can not only help with preventing health problems or improving someone’s health, it can likewise be the deciding factor in the office for increasing work motivation and efficiency.

ergonomic chairErgonomic chairs play a central role when it comes to workplace ergonomics, whether it’s at the place of your work or for your own home office. In many cases, a quality ergonomic chair is all that is required to make your office workspace ergonomic.

Several types of ergonomic chairs

There are several types of ergonomic chairs available on the market today that can range from conventional office chairs that can be adjusted in multiple ways to speciality ergonomic chairs such as kneeling chairs.

The first type may well look like an ordinary chair but it’s the multitude of ways how you can adjust its that will make all the difference. As opposed to normal chairs, ergonomic chairs can be adjusted not only in their height but can also adjust tilt, backrests, armrests and so forth for maximum comfort and the least strain during work.

The latter type, a good example here would be the above-mentioned kneeling chairs can serve to promote a healthier position while you are working. Kneeling for instance does relief any type of pressure in your midsection and is arguably the best way if you want to relieve strain on your spine.

If you want to make your work space even more ergonomic you should consider an ergonomic desk together with an ergonomic chair. To uncover each and every possible weakness in terms of ergonomics at your work place, a thorough assessment called “workstation assessment” can be what you want. Such an assessment will not only look into furniture that you use but can likewise look into other factors such as lighting any many more.

Real Estate Agents Using Drones To Scout Properties

Residents in Sydney are getting angry and voice concerns about their privacy: Real estate agents in the city use remote controlled drones to scout new properties. A Mosman woman reported a flying object flying right in front of her window. After she called the police she was shocked to hear that it was a real estate drone that was looking for properties in the area.

What’s worse: This practice is entirely legal as long as the drone operators have approval. ‘If you’re a real estate agent and using a drone to take photographs of clients’ homes, you should either be using an approved remotely piloted aircraft operator, of which there are about 110, or you need to get an operators certificate and approval from CASA,’ Mr Gibson said.

Despite those requirements, the fact that privacy may be violated doesn’t seem to be a major concern for the authorities in Sydney. So for all who live there, don’t be surprised if you see a drone fly by and possibly looking into your home.

Opportunities To Stay Fit Can Be A Major Factor For Your New Home’s Location

When we move, we often think about many different things that can play a role with such a decision. For most of us, criteria such as the proximity to work, schools in the area and shopping opportunities can be a factor that decides whether a home’s new location would really be suitable. Most will likely agree that it’s such things that can in fact decide over the actual value of a new home.

Aside from thinking about education and work, increasingly more people today look at health and fitness too when they’re deciding on a new place to live. For some, a nice park nearby where they can go walking may be all they need to get their daily fix for fitness and health. Others may base their decision on a home purchase on whether suitable places like fitness studios or gyms are nearby.

Let’s be honest, what can be better than the idea what you would only have to step out your home to be able to visit a fantastic gym right in your neighborhood?

I always recommend to people that they should really take a close look at the area they plan to move to, obviously *before* a final moving decision is made! Take out the yellow pages and spend an afternoon or two on the internet to research the area you’re planning to live and try to consider all the things that are important for you and your family.

Pretty much any fitness gym today will have a web page and an entry on a map online. You should therefore easily be able to establish how many and what type of gyms and other fitness locations are close by your potential future home. This research can be done in an hour or two. This way you can do something for your health and fitness but likewise also for your wallet since it can save you a lot on gas if you don’t need to drive lots to get to your favorite fitness places quickly.

Do you live in Hackney or plan to move here? Check out London Fields Fitness – Your trusted Hackney gym!


A Stunning Look For Your Home With Driftwood Furniture

You don’t need to have a home at Barafundle  Beach or any of the other fantastic beach locations in the UK if you want to have a maritime flair in your home. I personally like this style for homes since it conveys the beauty of the sea and can give any home a refreshing and open ambiance. Obviously, this is the perfect style for summer homes but of course it can go beautifully with almost any type of home in the UK.

A Stunning Driftwood Coffee Table

A Stunning Driftwood Coffee Table

Among those furniture and furnishings items that can transform any home into a maritime dream would be pieces made from driftwood.

This is a fantastic natural material that can make for truly stunning pieces such as driftwood tables or all sorts of beautiful home accessories like mirrors or lamps.

Driftwood sculptures can also be eye-catching pieces for any home’s front yard.

Furniture made from natural materials such as driftwood combined with glass works very well if you love the maritime style like I do. But it also blends beautifully with many other styles.

A driftwood coffee table or console will make a great piece in a home office or in the living room. This kind of furniture radiates a truly unique fascination because it looks simple and minimalistic yet is gorgeously stunning at the same time. Look at my driftwood coffee table at the left then you will understand why I love driftwood furniture that much!

In addition to larger driftwood pieces such as tables and desks, you can accentuate your home in a maritime fashion with accessories such as a driftwood mirror or driftwood lamp. Obviously, those pieces will also go beautifully with a driftwood desk or coffee table.

How to Increase Your Home’s Fire Safety Without Major Rework

Wireless Fire AlarmsIf you are the owner of a  home, even more so if you are a business owner, having a modern fire alarm system installed is a lot easier today than it was in previous times.

Some years ago, the installation of  an advanced fire alarm system inside a building required major structural rework.

Walls had to be opened to be able to lay the wires and cabling that connected the numerous smoke alarms and fire detectors to a central console. What this meant was that having such a fire alarm system installed cost a lot more than the devices itself, add the fact that it often took weeks for placing those systems.

For businesses and commercial buildings this brought the additional but considerable problem of downtime for the business due to the required work.

Today, installing or upgrading your existing fire alarms is much less a hassle. The reason for this is that modern fire alarm systems operate wirelessly. There is no requirement to lay cables throughout a building.

As compared to the previous conventional fire alarm systems, the wireless systems are also a lot more flexible in terms of where and how many smoke detectors, manual fire alarms  and so forth you can place.

Installation of even the most sophisticated wireless fire alarm systems today will normally only take a few hours, there is no downtime involved and no dirt from having to open up walls. In addition to those advantages comes of course the much reduced costs which makes those wireless fire alarms now appealing for virtually any business or home.

Tips: Frequently Made Mistakes When Cleaning A Home

Dusting, cleaning our home’s windows and even doing daily laundry: No one would suspect that most people actually make big mistakes performing those seemingly easy tasks. Here are some tips I found over at the Huff Post about commonly overused cleaning products we use on a daily basis:

Mistake 1: Spraying glass cleaner right at the window and wiping it clean. This is the wrong way to do it. Instead, spray the glass cleaner on a paper towel and then wipe the surface with it.

Mistake 2: Overdoing it with furniture polish and wax. While it may seen sensible to use those products often, less can actually be better. If you wax and polish your furniture too often it can otherwise lead to a film that attracts dust and dirt even more!

Mistake 3: Using too much detergent when doing laundry. Common sense says your laundry will get cleaner the more detergent you use. This is entirely incorrect. In fact, less detergent can lead to cleaner laundry. Cleaning experts recommend to use not more than an old table spoon laundry detergent!

What Is The Best School In Hertfordshire?

As a real estate agent in Hertfordshire I am often finding myself in the situation to give clients tips and advice beyond those things that are related to their home purchase.

Very often, customers move from one location to the other which means I am often dealing with people that are new to the area so they ask for advice on things like where to shop, where the hospitals are, which doctor would be recommended and similar things.

Among The Private Schools Hertfordshire, The Kingshottschool Stands Out

Among The Private Schools Hertfordshire, The Kingshottschool Stands Out

When families move here with their children they often ask me about the schools in Hertfordshire and whether I can recommend one.

Now, this is perhaps a tricky situation because I can of course only give tips based on my own opinion and what I consider best may not be necessarily the case for some of my clients.

As for my own family, our children attend the Kingshottschool in Hertfordshire.

This is a private school which excels in all aspects, whether it’s the level of education the school provides, the school’s philosophy, their great teachers or the extra-curricular activities and sports my children can enjoy there.

Among the private schools Hertfordshire I consider the Kingshottschool the best and my children agree with me on all accounts!

In fact, I started to make the existence of this very good prep school here in Hertfordshire one major selling point for some of my offered homes in the area.

See it like that: It is true that many people who plan to buy a home make schooling and education options available in an area one major criterion for their buying decision. This is not much different as with knowing that your future home may be in an excellent neighborhood or that you know there are other amenities close-by which obviously can give a home added value.

If you know there is an excellent private school right there you won’t need to worry about your children’s education.

If you plan to move to Hertfordshire and have children, I highly recommend you see the Kingshottschool website at http://www.kingshottschool.com/. And this is also what I tell all my clients who approach me with questions in regards to their children’s education.


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